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    Hot Spyce Sauce – 5 oz Rich in consistency and flavor, this hot sauce also known as the chili sauce, adds an additional taste to the dishes; when served in an excellent quantity. The perfect blend of ingredients makes the eggs, soups, steaks, lamb chops, salads, pizzas, pasta, rice, BBQ, burgers, French fries, sushi, Chinese food, sandwiches and meat even more delicious.
  • CocontWater
    Farm Fresh Tender Coconut are selected and Natural Tender Coconut Water is squeezed out, untouched by hand and put through a special process and packed in food-grade Bottles/ Tetra Pak, which keeps it fresh for 12 months. The taste is Natural and hence good. Tender Coconut Water is considered the Healthiest & Best Sports Drink in the World, because it Contains Vitamins and Proteins. The benefits of Tender Coconut Water discovered by Ayurvedic experts centuries ago, is even today being put to use in modern hospitals worldwide. Cocojal will make it much more convenient to take those benefits to the hospitals.


We now offer prepared foods, "Ready to Eat". We also have Premium Spices, Shan Masala, Snacks, Sweets and Teas. We are the grocery experts. We work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to bring you a variety of unique choices, at prices that fit most every budget.

You don't have to go from store to store looking for what you need. You're certain to find great products, great value, and great service at INDIAN FOOD & SPICE

At INDIAN FOOD & SPICE we're confident you'll enjoy the product you purchase. After all, there's nothing quite like high quality ingredients that your kitchen needs and make your everyday cooking even more enjoyable.

Thanks for shopping with us!

  Adora Basmati Rice

Horlicks Chocolate

Wagh Bakri Tea


Indian Food
And Spice :


Mike F.

One of my favorite markets in the area, with an array of Indian ingredients and spices that you won't find elsewhere.  And with such great prices, there are even some staples I'll get from here instead of the grocery store.

Now I know what I'm looking for most of the time, having cooked a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern food.  But when I do have questions, the staff (and presumably owner) is more than eager and willing to help.  I've learned some great tips from these guys and my Indian cooking has vastly improved as a result.

It's not just ingredients, they also have some great take out food that's priced to sell.  You can pick up dinners or lunch specials for less than any other Indian restaurant in the Danbury area.  Or if you're in the cooking mood, get ready, because you're gonna have a lot of options.

So what do they have?  From the exotic to the staples, there are spices and sauces galore!  Everything you'll need for that tikka, curry, or korma.  I've replaced a lot of my oil and butter with Ghee (clarified butter), which is common in eastern cooking and sold in all quantities here.  There are fresh herbs and veggies, priced lower than anywhere else, and some that you can only find here.  Tons of starch options, from flours to rices and everything in between.  Need some cheese?  Well the paneer here is top notch and comes in various varieties and quantities, fresh or frozen.  The freezer section is great, some great authentic microwaveable dinners to apps and deserts.

I wish they had more meat, but you can go across the street to the Halal meat market for anything you'll need.  That being said, that doesn't take away from how great of a market Indian Food and Spice is.  Seriously, if you go anywhere else for your Indian ingredients, you're doing your dish and your wallet a disservice.  And even if you're just curious, like I was the first time I went, stop on in, and you'll become a regular like me!
Fantastic place. it has more Indian food selections and additions to food than I have ever seen. Very nice people also. I highly recommend it.


Couldn't find the right rice until Indian Food and Spice.  I'm a regular customer now.

Wow. Am I glad I found this store. Amazing products for the Indian palet.




Curry Pot :


Had the Chicken Tikka Masala, it was the best I've ever had. New chef hired 3 months ago, glad they found him.
Market has everything you need to make an authentic Indian meal.
Staff was very pleasant and helpful.

Harsh C

This is a great place to get both indian groceries but more importantly the cook Manoj cooks the most flavorful indian dishes. I just love his mutton curry and biryani. My daughter even takes it to Boston every now and then when she is home.

Alen P.

Tried this take-out restaurant on a whim which is inside the Indian marketplace and was very pleasantly surprised.  Huge fresh and spiced portions at very reasonable prices too.  Tasted homemade. Ordered lamb Biryani and easily enough for a family of four.  Also had the chicken Reshmi Malai kebab and that was great too..chicken was moist and flavorful.  Will definitely be ordering again.  Don't be misled by the outside view.  Really good home cooked Indian food at reasonable prices.


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